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Search Engine Promotion

Increase Traffic to your Website with our Search Engine Services.
Use the expert knowledge of Future Web 7 to increase the ranking of your website in the Major Search Engines and Directories.


Studies show that the most common method of finding any Website is using search engines.
Search engine promotion is a major factor in creating a successful online business, and
search engine optimisation is an important element of the website development process.

Future Web 7 can assist you with your online campaign with Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Submissions.

Without a considered approach to online promotion, your website could be adrift in an ocean of information, occasionally being hit by random surfers. Future Web 7 will help you overcome this problem with effective online promotions.

We will submit and get your website placed on Google.
We offer advice on keyword usage and link popularity, which are very important for getting higher rankings.
We fine tune the structure, content and HTML and meta tags of your site so that it is search engine friendly.
We register your site with leading search engines including Google, Yahoo, Msn, Dmoz and many others.
Search engine submission is not carried out until your site is optimised and has gone live.


How long will it take for my site to appear on a search engine?
Each search engine and directory has its own process for including websites. Once we have submitted your site to a search engine or directory, it can take as little as 24 hours or up to eight weeks, before your site is listed.

Which keywords should I use for my site?
Your website's keywords sum up its content and the services that you offer. The best way to determine which keywords to use for your site is to imagine what words your customers would use to search for your services. We have tools to assist you with this process.

To build your list of keywords, think over the services you offer, the types of customer you serve and the geographic area you're located in. Once you have a long list, you can order it by relevance and, from that, select the keywords to use on your site.

Why can't I find my site on a search engine, after eight weeks?
Each search engine and directory has its own policy for the inclusion of a website. The major search engines include most sites submitted to them.

So talk to us today and drive traffic to your website.