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Domains from around the Globe at Future Web 7Your website address - - is also called the domain name or URL.
It is important to your business as it is one key way in which a customer will arrive at your website.
Lots of businesses use their website address in all their marketing materials and also advertise it extensively

Domain Names Explained
On a simple level, a domain name has 2 parts.
The first part is your business name, product name or brand, and this is chosen by you, if it is available.
The second part is referred as a Top Level Domain (TLD) and these are well known on the web at this stage
e.g. .com or .ie or .net

So when you are choosing a domain name, you have to choose which Top Level Domain to use.
Many businesses register more than one TLD.
This is to protect their business name or brand.

Top Level Domains can be divided into two main types: Global Domains and Country Specific Domains
I've listed the most common domains below.

Global Domains
.com .net .org .biz .info .tel .me .mobi .mx

County Specific Domains
.ie .cm .tv .de .fr .es .se .us .eu .asia .im .cc

By far the 2 most common domains used in Ireland are .ie and .com

In some cases you may want to purchase more than one domain name and have them all point to one site.
For example, you can get,, and and they all point to the same website.

Future Web 7 will help you choose a good domain name that will be easy to spell and be easy to remember.

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